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intele.chat is a digital consultancy focused on delivering creative and effective AI based conversational commerce solutions that drive business efficiency

What we do

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), chat bots, robotics, devices, natural speech, text recognition, automation and messaging, the way brands can engage with the market, clients, partners, consumers or end users has dramatically  changed. We help clients leverage social channels, apps and AI to engage with clients be that B2B, B2C, sales, support, enquiries, marketing, inbound or outbound.


intele.chat deliver innovative AI based solution to enable clients to automate in areas such as sales, email and service desk


intele.chat will work with you on solution development, strategy, campaigns, brand engagement and in a deployment and support capacity as an extension of your team


intele.chat offer full training and education programs that enable our clients to operate more efficiently and empower them with cutting edge ideas and processes



intele.chat will configure, integrate, deploy and support your solution implementation so that you are up and running in no time


intele.chat work with a variety of cutting edge technologies as partner, reseller or as expert advisors. We bring this knowledge, value and expertise to our clients on every project


intele.chat are obsessed with exploring new ways for technology to enable and empower business by increasing efficiencies and leveraging our creative soultions

Technologies we work with


  • DVT worked with intele.chat to deploy Zendesk for real time website engagement and LinkedIn for improved business development reach in a new market development project.”

    Chris Wilkins
    Chris Wilkins CEO Dynamic Technologies, South Africa
  • intele.chat helped us leverage LinkedIn in a key sales & marketing campaign.  We were able to quickly reach our chosen CxO community to promote our brand and retail eCommerce offerings

    Katie Langely
    Katie Langely Global Sales Director - Doddle UK
  • Under the guidence of intele.chat we deployed Zendesk and leveraged LinkedIn to great effect in our sales & support operations and have now started to assess Conversica for AI based email automation with impressive results

    Marc Lenferna
    Marc Lenferna CEO Complexus, South Africa


how CHATBOTS can turn

conversations into revenue

Chatbots are everywhere! They bring new ways for businesses to communicate with the world and their customers. This is due to the exploding popularity of messaging apps, the accelerated development of sensors and wearables and with the rise of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing.


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Let’s chat about your automation needs. We can advise on how to leverage social channels and AI to increase efficiencies in sales, service desk, marketing and email management.