How South African Loan & Insurance firms can radically improve lead conversion & client engagement


At we help South African clients leverage conversational commerce technologies be they human powered, augmented or fully automated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the B2B & B2C sales and marketing interface, bringing improvement and efficiency to your sales & service support operations. In this article we explore some of the challenges faced in the financial and insurance sector where finding, converting and engaging with clients is being disrupted using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive the task of contacting leads and converting them into a sales ready / convertible opportunities.Problems companies face in this sector

  • Brokers still use paper based systems with inherent inefficiency
  • Enquiries for products come from numerous sources and more often not followed up
  • Brokers want to avoid cold calling and wasting time on admin / dead leads
  • Engagement rates tend to be lower and leads are often lost
  • Clients are expecting faster responses, typically via mobile and involving less paper

Aspirations our clients typically want to achieve in this sector

  • Cost effectively qualify prospects for funding or product readiness
  • Re-engage previously interested leads
  • Pursue leads purchased from third parties, upsell other services or renew existing customers.
  • Engage and nurture more Internet leads without hiring new staff
  • Increase the efficiency of sales teams and reduce cost per lead acquisition
  • Increase lead quality and engagement rates for clients
  • Retain clients / reduce churn
  • Shift front line sales staff to spend more time with clients / closing business and increase customer satisfaction
  • Attain enhanced brand awareness and market share through differentiated customer experience

The Solution – Letting Artificial Intelligence (AI) take the strain with Conversica

Conversica is one of the worlds leading and most mature AI driven email based sales assistants. It is used in conjunction with the clients existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. The AI powered sales agents are easily configured and immediately began working new leads with basic contact information and a single seeding email (more often derived from a campaign, event, or channel the prospect will recognize). Within minutes Conversica’s software and your newly created digital sales assistants will;

  • Create automated, two-way email-based communication with leads using a human persona
  • Determine and qualify the lead’s intent in real-time by interpreting text in the email response
  • Alert the “human” agent to contact the “hot” leads who indicate intention to buy now or want to be contacted
  • Follow up after the agent’s initial contact to continue to nurture the lead and get additional information or feedback
  • Collect additional contact information and sync all activity with your CRM

The benefits

Conversica is widely used by loan, insurance and financial services companies to improve the quality of leads both in direct sales and via brokers, so sales teams can close more deals or “sales ready” opportunities. The automated email sales assistant, included in the Conversica sales software, helps overwhelmed sales teams engage – and qualify – every inbound marketing lead. Clients gain more customers through better lead nurturing, lead tracking, lead conversion and sales rep productivity. Overall, you immediately gain;

  • Better lead quality – Discover your most qualified sales opportunities to originate more loans and credit, more quickly
  • Prioritize leads – Sales reps focus on closing deals not chasing leads, saving hundreds of hours a year
  • Engage every lead – Our automated sales assistant reaches out to every lead and deepens the connection with a human touch
  • Consistent on-brand communication – AI messages are pre-approved to reflect your brand in every communicatio
  • Document every conversation – Email conversations between the AI and each lead are saved and easily viewed as part of each lead record

Real / tangible feedback from clients in this sector

  • Spring Venture Group (Broker) – 18,288 total leads worked by Conversica 52 new policies sold 30 percent lower cost per acquisition than target for web leads
  • Assure Funding (Loans & Capital Direct) – 62% jump in completed loan applications 42% of deals driven by Conversica 30% increase in renewals and maintained sales performance with 85% less staff
  • Quote Wizard (Broker) –  2,000 leads per week worked by Conversica Increased engagement rate as high as 40 percent
  • Vern Fonk (Broker) – Sold 874 policies in four months Worked 11,780 leads and engaged 2,306 leads

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